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Intellectual Property Services

NTP-IP Innovations works with industry-leading "first movers" to effectively startup, establish, and maintain an appropriate IP portfolio. Although in your work you may have many reasons to consider expanding your IP portfolio, the most important reason is basically to enhance your "freedom to act” in a competitive business environment.

Our services can be adapted to your situation whether you are an individual inventor, a company initiating a new product offering, or even an enterprise with a well-established line of products looking to leverage your IP to increase market share.

But before starting any program, be aware that are several forms of IP to consider. Be sure to get a full understanding of, trademarks, domain names, patents, copyrights, and trade secrets. By coordinating the addition of these protections to your portfolio, it is possible to control your competitors’ actions more effectively.

There are also a wide range of strategies that may be employed to take advantage of each form of IP. Implementing these strategies in parallel often requires employee instruction and changes to policy. We can help with these.