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Patent Disclosure Document Creation

All companies have a unique culture. We understand that this affects many aspects of your business, including the way that your patents will be filed. Whether you are using a disclosure document as the basis for provisional patent application or as a transmittal to a law firm to support a full international patent, we will create a living document.

These will be formatted per your preferred company standard, that may be used over-and-over during the life of your product.

Technical Documentation

Many products have been under-documented from a solid "in the eye of the intended user" angle. Our experience shows that it's useful to document how a product is specifically applied, especially one that has many levels to its design.

If you need documents that cover the viewpoints of user, maintainer, and seller, we will organize these to allow your customer groups to get up to speed quickly. All documentation is created at competitive rates.

Inventor Creative Sessions

Companies often spend so much time in "firefighting mode" that there never seems to be a moment to direct staff's attention to codifying new ideas. To make things worse, it is during the crazy pre-introduction phase of a product line that getting new ideas "down in writing" is so critical.

We have the experience to turn busy product developers into inventors temporarily. We will not only get their best ideas into patentable form, but we will also show your developers how to create beyond the current product scope and anticipate future developments.

Establishment of a Patent Attorney Process

Picking the right patent attorney can have far-reaching implications for the future of any product line. We can help with this critical process, not only because we know of many patent firms, but also because we can help select which specialties will be expected of a firm going forward. We will ask the right questions to help establish a long-lasting relationship with suitable legal counsel to meet your IP needs.

Specifically Targeted Claim Charts

The most revealing way to uncover the details of infringement risk is to analyze a patent's claims element-by-element. We break down each claim, in light of the patent specification and file history, while considering the subject product or service. We have experience with this process and will prepare results for review by a variety of audiences.

Rapid Prototyping Assistance

Creating prototypes of your idea can be a challenge and the work must be well focused. We will provide input on a custom project strategy. This assures an accurate match between your prototype & disclosure document by correlating each critical aspect of the prototype's characteristics and the contents of the document.

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