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Setting Up IP Programs

Untapped Potential

Many innovative companies are keenly aware of the incredible potential locked up in the minds of their staff members. This not only includes scientists and engineers, but also those who constantly hone processes to improve their enterprise's competitive position.

As each product and service moves through its lifecycle, countless improvements are applied, not only to keep revenue increasing, but also to maximize the return-on-investment for each offering as long as possible.


One of the best ways to motivate the people who contribute to these improvements every day is to provide incentive programs that encourage the creation of new approaches to surpass the competition. Of course, most companies already have some form of incentive program in place, but simply adding a patent program alongside it without proper planning may be counterproductive.

We understand how alternative incentive approaches may affect development environments. This reality is always factored in before we recommend changes.

Remaining Engaged

Keeping your people involved in the creative process can be challenging. NTP-IP Innovations will work with to your staff to draft a custom IP incentive program to engage them. There are often multiple strategies required to accomplish this effectively, and we will help you choose those that are appropriate.

Normally, successful patent incentive programs offer some form of financial reward. These are combined with public recognition and other programs to compensate people for creative contributions. Incredibly, you can still find ways to do this while increasing every staff member's overall productivity.

Keeping the Program Running

Once the appropriate incentive program is in place, it may be operated flexibly; allowing it to adapt to changing projects, products, and lines of business. It is also important to use these programs as a resource to attract creative employees.

Note that many competing industry participants already offer some type of incentive program to file inventions, register copyrights, create trademarks, and improve processes.

Because of this, having your own IP program in place is essential to remaining competitive when recruiting. We can provide input to set your operation up with a competitive program to attract and retain your best performers.

We can also lead a series of training sessions to show your developers how to create patent disclosures on their own. Then, submitting patent disclosures may easily be tied into your incentive program.

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