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The Concept

Our working philosophy sets us apart from many similar services because our priority is to join with your product developers and project planners. Our experience with managing large projects allows us to work with your staff effectively to maximize their project time and minimize disruptions.

In effect, our Project Integration process works along with your project plans to offload the often tedious, complicated documentation and specification refinements. These are commonly necessary to properly convert an idea into a patent disclosure or other formal document set.

Project Integration

It is essential that a non-disruptive documentation process is established before the tasks can begin in earnest. In effect, we will work with you to efficiently integrate the appropriate implementation processes into your project model. Understandably, this must be done well in advance of your product release.

Project managers know that every project plan has a critical path. Our goal is to show you strategies that keep documentation processes OFF the critical path. We use a variety of techniques to accomplish this.

Of course, the obvious approach is to move patent activities earlier in the project. In fact, we often employ techniques to offload, and strategically integrate, IP-related documentation work into the overall effort.

Our background enables us to strategically move the proper project-integrated tasks into the overall effort. Consequently, our work minimizes additions to critical tasks and adds "off-staff" parallel activities to your project network at substantial savings to you.

Parallel Project Plans

Another technique is to formulate [active plans] to work the patent process into each project template so that IP tasks become integrated into the overall product development spectrum. Then, as the projects are prioritized, the most important projects automatically get the appropriate IP attention, simply because they are already included in the model.

For more information on how to dovetail IP tasks into your company's project work breakdown structure, give us a call and we'll work out an engagement to effectively satisfy your production release objectives.

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