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IP & Project Integration

Sooner or later, engineers are confronted with the “Patent Requirement” as part of their company policy or management directive. For example, a product development project is moving ahead on schedule, then the Patent Requirement is introduced. This often occurs just as a project is at that critical implementation stage when any disruption will delay final delivery to the customer base.

In many instances, the diversion of critical resources to address patent, or other IP issues, can be costly. This is because delays in product introductions mean push-backs in realizing sales revenue. NTP-IP Innovations will show you how to minimize these interruptions and allow the development process to remain on schedule.

To most engineers, filing patents in certain areas of technology seems counterproductive. But by obtaining assistance from an outside resource during implementation, staff members would not be asked to create more documentation than would normally be required during the design process.

IP & Product Development

We understand that IP is a significant investment. It is an investment that should only be applied to products that your company sees as significant contributors to future business potential. Since engineers often do not have to the time to make these financial determinations, NTP-IP Innovations will act as a resource to align IP expenditures with your most important product efforts.

This alignment analysis is normally made by combining input from several functional groups within your organization. The end result is an "IP-Aware" project priority list that supports both profitability and business plan objectives.

As an engineer or engineering manager, we invite you to have your lead engineers discuss this process with us in detail and contact us to review your current project mix. Together, we will then be able to efficiently integrate the additional Intellectual Property requirements into your priority rankings.

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