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Looking Back

Nearly all new ideas are subject to the influence of what's already been created by others (Prior Art). This situation is a reality that we all must face when "staking a claim" to deter competitors from copying our novel concepts.

But what if someone that you don't know about has already introduced the same concept? Being able to answer this question is why a thorough search of similar known ideas, as conceived by others, is so fundamental when using IP to protect an invention.

Within the industry, there are numerous search resources available to all of us, many of which are linked to this site. A quick review of these online services immediately illustrates the inherent confusion surrounding the search process.

Search Strategies

Determining the best way to conduct a prior art search varies from case to case. In addition, search results often lead to more searches in other directions. Thus, this commonly a time-consuming process that can easily distract you and your busy staff members from more important tasks.

In addition, all searches are not created equally. Some work best for invention brainstorming, others work best to support litigation, and others are appropriate to keep tabs on prior art as a design's definition unfolds.

In light of these factors, there are many ways to formulate a search and that is where we excel. NTP-IP Innovations is aware of the best search techniques to apply in a variety of situations. No matter what your objectives are, we can set you up with an appropriate, and cost-effective, search approach.

Results Reporting and Plans

After completing a search, and with a set of search results available, the challenge becomes determining which are relevant. To address this, we always provide set of clear reports to sort through the results in an understandable manner.

You can then compare the results to your new ideas and identify the areas of innovation that are best to establish protections on going forward. We clarify this by pointing out the areas that are in the public domain that you may use but not claim.

Then, under a separate category, we will enumerate those that have already been claimed by others with enforceable patents. As a result, you will have additional information to formulate a strategy of what to claim, what to avoid, and what to incorporate going forward. Consequently, your strategy may be executed with fewer risks.

Durable Inventions

The strongest inventions are often those that have been claimed with an awareness of prior art. This is because an invention may be challenged repeatedly during its usable life.

How your invention stands up to these tests while its IP protection is in force is a true indication of its value. By starting out with a good backdrop of prior art, your idea will be expressed in patent claims that your competition will find much more difficult to challenge in the future.

Interested in having a prior art search done for your idea or invention? We can produce a single-item report for less than $800 in most cases. Simply contact us and we'll set up your customized search promptly, with results that you will easily understand.

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