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Your Company: IP Programs that Leverage Assets

NTP-IP Innovations is focused on the successful implementation of Intellectual Property projects for your enterprise. Our concept sets us apart from many IP Legal Services Organizations because our priority is to join with your product development teams to maximize their project time and minimize disruptions.

In effect, you get the advantage of using our “IP-Centric” process working in parallel with your project plans to facilitate the often tedious, complicated, documentation and specification refinements required to convert an idea into a patent disclosure or other IP submittal. This results in a relatively painless transition to a higher degree of legal protection for your vital products and services.

However, we also realize it is essential that a non-disruptive disclosure plan is established before your IP filings can be truly effective. So we will show you how to efficiently adopt the appropriate IP support processes to maximize the potential of new product-line components prior to market introduction.

Note–  A Public Product Release includes sales channel meetings and trade shows. Both of these types of disclosures are major concerns when determining the future effectiveness of IP protection that is possible for your products.

  The Goal:  Get Protected Products to market faster.

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