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Innovative IP Solutions to Address Many Situations

We invite you to consider NTP-IP Innovations, a business-oriented resource, providing practical solutions for your Intellectual Property needs (IP= Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Trade Secrets, and Domain Names), to protect your organization's hard earned competitive advantage. These "IP protections" work in concert to address "rip-offs" of original ideas. In fact, protecting your creative assets is the essence of IP.

It is never a simple matter to prepare for the actions of competitors in advance, but it's a good bet that the people who are working on your development teams already know "what is hot -- what is not" in relation to your competition. By analyzing the contrast between real market conditions and current development projects, we can supply you with a general plan of attack to efficiently establish the best IP priority-set going forward.

This approach can be adapted to your current business situation whether you are an individual inventor, a company initiating a new product offering, or an enterprise with a well-established market share.

Please read over our Solutions Links carefully. There are many ways to protect market share using IP. With our assistance, it is possible to create that ongoing program you've been putting off and build an evolving policy to maintain market control as you grow.